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Sam from Watertown NY | Scuba Diver

Howdy everyone! So I figured I would put my story on here about how I got started and the things I have done since then. About two years ago I went to Jamaica for my younger sisters wedding and while I was there the group I was with decided to go scuba diving. Something I had never thought of doing before. So I watched the video and did the stuff in the pool. I was sorry nervous but more excited. So after that we got on the boat, I jumped in and started to descend. As I was going down I started to freak out just a little the nerves where getting the best of me. About half way down I strapped and really thought about going back up, but I managed to talk myself into keep going. Once I reached the bottom I linked arms with the person next to me. That’s when I looked down and saw a small little flounder swim across the sand. And at that point I was completely sold and mesmerized with scuba diving. Once I left Jamacia I was only certified as a scuba diver, but I needed more.
Then when I got back to the states I finished the rest of my classes in Colorado and did open water dives in a reservoir. Funny thing was I was blind as a bat because I had no contacts vis was horrible and my weight belt wouldn’t stay on. (I have upgraded to weight pockets now). I then went to cozumel and dive there so my excitement for diving just grew. Then embedded up in Pensacola Florida where I got certified in nitrox. Then moved to upstate new York and have had a hell of a time finding people to dive with and I really want to learn more.


Smithsgold - 2/16/2016 11:28 AM
Find another shop to dive with !!!