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Chris from Sandys  | Dive Center

Bermuda’s longest running diving & Watersports center located on the western edge of the island at Robinson’s Marina, Somerset Bridge affording us the prime location on the island to reach the most exciting wreck sites and the pristine in Bermuda.

Tropical shallow water wreck & reef diving:Is what all the excitement is about. Bermuda has over 300 wrecks and 200 square miles of untouched reef around the tiny islands. It is the most accessible venue in the western hemisphere.

400 sq. Kilometres of reef to explore!Bermuda has the most northerly coral reef in the world. Our reef is truly expansive and not a simple series of finger and groove formations. Most people associate wreck diving with deep water, but not here. All of our diving is shallow (average 45-50 ft). We have plenty of "bottom time" to explore.

  • The ultimate Bermuda guides
  • The Bermuda shipwreck certificate program
  • Healthy & resplendent:Our reef system is healthy, resplendent with large sea fans and huge finger (Candelabra) corals. The fringing reef system is home for a vast quantity of reef life. All of Bermuda’s marine environment is protected by the Bermuda Government’s Marine Conservation Laws.


    Greg - 10/24/2013 7:02 AM
    Can you double check the map location of the S/W Breaker dive site:
    Greg - 10/24/2013 7:12 AM
    Also double check the Forceful map location:
    Greg - 10/24/2013 6:34 AM
    Thanks for helping with the dive site section in Bermuda. I’ve noticed a few duplicates. For example, you entered "North Carolina 1880 - English Iron Barque", but "The Wreck of the North Carolina" already exists in our database. I merged that one and will continue to merge other duplicates. When you enter a dive site, it tries to see if the name you choose already exists, but if they name is pretty different, it won’t find a match, so it’s touch to know if the dive site is already there. If you want, use the dive site search page and search for all dive sites in Bermuda to see which ones that you know about that aren’t listed....then add those.

    Also, instead of adding photos to the description, please upload those to the dive site. It provides a better view of the photo and makes those viewable/searchable separately.

    There seems to be something wrong, either with my code...or the lat/long coordinates you’re using. Notice how some of you recent dive sites show to the south/east of the actual island on the Google map. Any idea why that’s the case? I’ll try to dig into that some more on my end also.

    Again, thanks for your help!