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Me (center) with friends at work
Thunderbolt wreck - Marathon Key, FL
Thunderbolt Wreck - Marathon Key, FL
Spiny Lobster @ night - Sombrero Reef, Marathon Key, FL
US Flag on the Vandenburg wreck
Stingray - Marathon Key, FL
French Angelfish - Marathon Key, FL
Don’t touch the stonefish - Marathon Key, FL
That little guy? I wouldn’t worry about that little guy.
Spiny Lobster - Marathon Key, FL
Spotted Morey - Marathon Key, FL
Parrotfish - Turks & Caicos
Turtle - Turks & Caicos
Drumfish - Turks & Caicos
Now all we need is some butter! - Turks & Caicos
Butterfly Fish - Turks & Caicos
French Angelfish - Turks & Caicos
Barracuda - Turks & Caicos
Can you spot the trumpetfish? - Turks & Caicos
Turks & Caicos
Inside the Thunderdome - Turks & Caicos
Cleaning Station
Schoolmasters - "What are you looking at?!"