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Juvenile Spotted Drum - Little Cayman
Fingerprint Flamingo Tongue - Grand Turk
Flamingo Tongue - Grand Turk
Arrow Crab - Grand Turk
Moray Eel - North Bali
Young Lionfish - Lembeh
Nudibranch - Lembeh
Banggai Cardinalfish - Lembeh
Me near elephant ear coral in Milne Bay, PNG
Me taking a picture in Milne Bay, PNG
Me before morning dive at Lissenung, PNG
Reef Life - Key Largo, FL
Clownfish - Tawali, PNG
Nudibranchs and Emperor Shrimp - Tawali, PNG
Harlequin Shrimp and Tiny Starfish - Tawali, PNG
Festive Nudibranch - Lissenung Resort, PNG
Underwater "Daisies" - Lissenung Resort, PNG
Tiny Shrimp - Lissenung Resort, PNG
Hawkfish - Lissenung Resort, PNG
Hammock View at Popp’s Motel (Key Largo)
Me - Diving at Little Cayman