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Giant Sea Bass Again
Channel Islands Anacapa Giant Sea Bass
Giant Sea Bass
That’s me behind that fish!
Channel Islands Anacapa, CA
Where`s my wetsuit?...THIS water`s COLD!!!!  Icicle River in WA
This is My Buddy -    :)
The viz SUCKED...but that fish looked at me like this...i SWARE!
Me and THE BABE...aren`t we adorable?
Yes, yes yes...i took out the plastic inserts from my fins this
Advanced Class Lake Travis with my Cool Instructor, Greg.  QUIT LAUGHING AT ME!!!
NO AIR !!!
Look, I got a new boat...we can take it out for a few dives!
Seeeeee, I told you it was a BIG fish!  :)
On Fish Lake, WA, fishin`, caught a fish that was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis BIG. lol
Sunday shopping
SERIOUSLY...Where can i find fins like these?
I got a new makeover - what do you think?
I should get these in every color !!!!
There`s a Cash Reward for anyone who catches the theif ~!~
Imagine Scuba Gear attached - HA!
It`s all under control
We`re already up!