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i dont know how he died , but RIP . numidea - red sea 2011
i dont know why they always go in pairs
Numidia wreck in the red sea 2011
abu dabbab #6 - red sea 2011
i was lucky i got a camera with continuous shots :P
picture was taken by a friend of mine at daedlus reef 2011
clown fish has always been my fav.
friend of mine wanned to say hi to the baracodas :P
white tip shark in daedlus reef in the red sea
hammer sharks in daedlus reef
this was taken at elphinstone red sea
baracodas at big brother island - red sea
it was too fast, couldn’t get a good shot :(
took me 300 continuous shots to get this one
my first turtle - little brother red sea
they say baracoda go solo once they’re big enough
they say its a napoleon fish , i just took the shot cuz it was nice
Numidia wreck in the red sea 2011
kuwaiti diving team :P
-.- me trying to be funny -.-