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My Charlie dog!!
Small fish, big coral
I am a serious dive master, apparently... I do smile, really...
Poolside at Casa Del Mar
Sunset in Palau
One of the coolest nudibranchs I have ever seen... in Yap and Palau
Shark feed in action off the island of Yap
Manta Ray at Yap cleaning station
Spot the beautiful rockfish on a Yap reef?
Yap burrowing urchin
Lil’ shrimp in its anemone home
Flamingo Tongues
Splendid Toadfish!!
Cozumel reef’s got eyes!!
Cozumel skate... ray... cartilagenous fish
Cozumel eel
Dude, a lunching turtle... totally
In my element in Cozumel