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Angel fish
Scorpion fish
Close-up of Coral polyps
Close focus Key Largo canal wide angle
Sea cucumber 2-3 ft long
School of squid - blue heron blvd bridge
seahorse - blue heron blvd bridge
horseshoe crab - Blue heron bridge
Blue Heron Bridge, starfish
Cleaner shrimp doing his job
Manatee - Key Largo
Green moray eel up close
Newest addition to the Deerfield Beach Reef System
Blue spotted anemone shrimp
Conch taking a peek outside
Anemone Shrimp-Brown spotted
Up close and personal with a lobster
Angelfish-Yellow & Black rock Beauty
yellow fish.. Im just too lazy to look this one up
Jew Fish - Goliath Grouper - Boyton Beach
Deerfield Pier Clean Up - schools