Self-serve scuba tank air fill station at dive shop in Switzerland
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Self-serve scuba tank air fill station at dive shop in Switzerland


tazzer9797 - 3/17/2014 3:59 PM
Great idea if it is in the hands of some one that knows what there doing... could be dangerous if left un-attended , but i do like the idea
caves4me - 3/15/2014 7:06 PM
Wayne at Amigos has had self serve since 2006, drive up and fill up!
TankChucker - 3/15/2014 11:31 AM
I want one....
NWDiver - 3/14/2014 2:10 PM
I agree it looks like there is a key required... but just think instead there is a credit card slot... it sure is fun to dream...
Eric_R - 3/14/2014 2:07 PM
I’m assuming that there’s limited access to this machine judging by the set of keys in the ignition.
NWDiver - 3/14/2014 2:04 PM
It does strike me funny that I can fill my own propane tank, and to your point own a compressor but I am sure it would be too good to be true that at a dive site I could refill my nitrox with a credit card...
NWDiver - 3/14/2014 1:42 PM
That is such a great idea... I am sure you can’t do it in the US
Greg - 3/14/2014 1:54 PM
Doesn’t it suck that that is our first thought?! I thought the same thing...I am sure there is some stupid law that says people are not allowed to fill their owm tanks. We can own a darn air compressor, but if a business wants to offer self-serve, we are probably out of luck here in US.
Greg - 3/14/2014 1:54 PM
Vote Ron Paul!
SCUBAFOX - 3/13/2014 4:52 PM
That’s cool.
Greg - 3/13/2014 9:50 AM
Includes touch screen display and three types of air fills (air 200bar, nitrox 200bar, air 300bar) with color coded hoses.
Brooklyn80 - 3/15/2014 11:00 AM
That is AWESOME!!!
MasterDiverDave - 3/16/2014 7:55 AM
Brooklin80 is right and I feel behind the times in the US.
BigC - 4/05/2014 5:34 PM
need that in rhe states.. what about hydro and visual inspection? hopefully its set up to not fill if out of date
Deeptexasdiver - 4/11/2014 2:23 PM
I used something similar in Austria 30 years ago. You purchased a token from the hotel concierge.
dontdiveenuf - 4/15/2014 12:00 PM
So this is in Switzerland, and Deeptexasdiver used one in Austria - does it strike anyone else as funny that these are both land-locked countries?