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tinahawkins - 3/12/2014 8:27 PM
Unfortunately, my underwater camera is still out of commission. I’m on the left, my pal Whitney is on the right, and this is at Lake Pleasant in Arizona. The top of the old Waddell Dam is about 90 feet underwater and goes much deeper. I tagged along with some tech divers in training who were getting deco certs with a max depth of 150. My max depth was about 92. Very cool underwater structure with arches and flying buttresses. And in the winter the viz is amazing if you have a 7mm or dry suit for the 54 degree temps. 40-50 feet with lots of natural light! I dive a 7mm. Thankfully, while the water is pretty cool, we have 80 degree surface temps and lots of sun to warm up between dives! Highly recommend!