Cleaning Ireon-Samos
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Cleaning Ireon-Samos


dontdiveenuf - 3/29/2013 2:40 PM
That’ll teach ’em not to be specific! LOL
Eric_R - 3/27/2013 4:39 PM
I’m never surprised at what you can find in the water. My local dive shop had a contest that they called Trash and Treasure. It was a way to promote cleaning out the lakes. The object was to find things on the list and it would get you entries into a drawing at a dinner held later that night. On the list was a cup. I found one and brought it to the check out table. They were immediately disgusted when I dropped the athletic cup on the table.LOL
badintexas - 3/28/2013 5:22 AM
Gag.. but I’m glad you did your part to clean up the lake!