Plano - small dry box from Walmart - under $5
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Plano - small dry box from Walmart - under $5


Eric_R - 3/12/2013 4:36 PM
Fishing equipment works best when wet.;)
IhanaKuu - 3/16/2013 7:24 AM
LOL! Indeed...
IhanaKuu - 3/12/2013 1:16 PM
AWESOME! i bought this for my U/W camera’s little x-tras...worked GREAT!

Thank you for the suggestion!
SCUBAFOX - 3/11/2013 1:24 PM
Best water proof box for the money. They work Great. I own Three.

IhanaKuu - 3/11/2013 3:33 PM
Excellent! I will pick up a x2...I was looking for something to place my new toy’s accessorie. Thank you for the tips
SCUBAFOX - 3/11/2013 9:15 PM
Yeah this boxes are good for all the little things one requires or wants. They come in two different sizes the one in the picture is the smaller of the two.Like I said there great.
SCUBAFOX - 3/11/2013 9:16 PM
Sorry about the mispelled word. I meant to say "These"
John_giu - 3/15/2013 5:55 PM
These AND They’re not "THERE" sorry ;-)
SCUBAFOX - 3/16/2013 7:13 AM
Sorry. I flunked the spelling for Marines MCI Course. :)