AP Evolution Rebreather
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AP Evolution Rebreather


Underwaterfun2 - 6/16/2018 10:46 AM
My name is John. I am 57. My last dive was in March at Grande Cayman where I was advancing my rebreather skills. Nevertheless less, while I have OW & AOW certs going back to 1980 from NAUI and PADI, I decided in 2007 to become a TDI NITROX, ADV NITROX, CCR AIR AP EVO REBREATHER DIVER DUE TO MY SAC RATE. (Early years smoker)

I have flown my EVO in mostly recreational dives in Bonaire, Belize, Palm Beaches, Dutch Springs, Grande Cayman and NJ Wrecks. I consider myself a recreational diver who would be dive time challenged without my EVO.

Buddy differential between open circuit and closed is surmountable because closed has open circuit bailout. As my buddy, you will not need to know how to break down my rebreather underwater, just where inflator is, ADV shut off/ on, bailout, weight locations and SMB.

So, if you are looking to buddy up here in the NJ, NY, PA, CT areas in Salt or Fresh Water...I will be diving dry, you must be warm if you plan on getting wet. Let’s not abort due to environmental conditions or unrecognized sinus blockage or illness after we have travelled to the site.

That’s all I can think of for now.