Portroe Quarry - North Tipperary, Ireland
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Portroe Quarry - North Tipperary, Ireland


Tico - 5/25/2015 12:44 PM
It doesn’t seem real.
Eric_R - 5/25/2015 5:14 AM
Is the water even wet?lol
NORTHEAST - 5/20/2015 2:53 PM
Wtf. Is that real?????!!!!
tardmaster - 5/20/2015 4:03 PM
yep. the vis is that good. i say that, lol, i’ve never been there. i scanned this from a dive magazine several years ago. The article talked about the unbelievable vis.
tardmaster - 5/20/2015 9:29 AM
This is the same spot that Greg posted earlier. Sorry for the bad quality. This was scanned from a magazine close to 7 or 8 years ago.
Greg - 5/20/2015 1:21 PM
Awesome pic!