Flag on USCGC Duane
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Flag on USCGC Duane


FtMyersTom - 5/10/2015 1:46 PM
6th dive on USCGC Duane - Florida Keys Dive Center Islamorada Florida Keys

Depth at flag top of wreck 70ft - 105ft main deck and 125ft to sand

Dive Date 4/5/2015 Max Depth 114ft - TDT 35mins 30% Nitrox - water temp at depth 73F Vis 80ft - current low
Tico - 5/09/2015 5:33 PM
Nice pic!!
FtMyersTom - 5/10/2015 12:03 PM
The flag was completely wrapped around the mast and I just finished unwrapping it. The current was just right to make it wave perfect. The bubbles behind it was me, I thought he took picture of me beside the mast. Must not have come out.