Bonaire 2014
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Bonaire 2014


Peter-EH-NJ - 4/30/2014 11:51 AM
This photo was from my recent trip to Bonaire, NL. The rope starts in the shallow end of the pier, at Captain Don Habitat. Following the rope, it takes you to this point, where the picture was taken, about 25 feet down. When you reach the reefs, at 35 feet, you can go right 300 yards to the Small Wall, or you can go left 300 yards, to Buddy Reef. Both travels are wonderful at 45 feet down, below the surface. There are many fish to observe. All having fun, eating the coral, or just swimming around. A few trunkfish, parrot fish, angel fish, spotted eel, and more. Wonderful to see the spotted butterfly fish there, too. Bonaire, NL was fun. 2014 04.