Whales killed since 1985 ban
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Whales killed since 1985 ban


2012iffy - 6/07/2014 2:34 PM
Are the USA kills due to the allowance of ’tradition’ kills by those tribes in Alaska? That is not not a reason to kill whales in the 21st century. I also realize there is very little to nothing we can do about any of the other countries killing the amazing creatures who live in the world’s oceans. Sea Shepherd and the like only deter from the immediate slaughter. The mongrels who are set to kill them return and accomplish their goal. The compassion for life on this planet cannot be instilled in all.

The admission that I, and most people, like fresh seafood is often used to justify these killings. There is little comparison to a reef fish, lobster, crab or oyster to the killing of a whale of any species.
Stumpy - 6/10/2014 2:25 AM
Actually, it was SEA SHEPARD’s campaign against Japan’s whaling fleet and their willingness to show the world on TV that got the UN to tell Japan that they could no longer do any whaling, research or otherwise. Even the UN saw through Japan’s smokescreen. When you can’t fool the UN, your not fooling anybody.
Stumpy - 6/10/2014 2:37 AM
And yes, it would be the tribes in Alaska. While I certainly hate the thought of whales being killed, untill our government gets off the pot and steps up to provide what these tribes need to survive with, these people have little choice. Even SEA SHEPARD knows that and has left them alone. These people invented ’POOR’, so in a state where milk alone can run over $7.00 a gallon, they’re screwed. The government needs to take some ownership (like that’s ever going to happen) in the outlying areas of Alaska and provide the people with what they need. Uncle Sam has no problem taking the crude oil, so they need to bring forth the products needed. Then they won’t need to look elsewhere for the oils they need (yes, theyre probably the last to be using whale oil whichnis ridiculous in the age we live in), but these people make third world countys’ poor look rich. Rarely do they have any money at all.
2012iffy - 6/10/2014 5:50 AM
My ’estranged’ wife is the city manager of Koyukuk, Alaska and deals with the poverty of the Koyukuk tribe on a personal basis. I was stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska and knew many local tribe members and know personally that those along the coast used to keep their catch in underground lockers until ’climate change ’global warming’, whichever you prefer, required them to purchase deep freezers as the permafrost level dropped several feet. I my relating ’tradition’ kills was not directed towards those people in Alaska but towards many other countries who slaughter sea life with no other cause than tradition. Forgive my lack of clarity there. The coastal tribes survive from these kills and pay homage to the Mother for providing their food.
Stumpy - 6/10/2014 12:47 PM
2012iffy’s correct in his last statement. I like seafood too, but whale’s not on my list anymore than dog’s on my list when it comes to red meat. Trqdition is certainly not reason enough to kill these highly intelligent mammals. There needs to be a need that cannot be met any other way. In Alaska, not only do you need to be a native, but your family line must go way...way back in Alaska. Even then, nobody of any means should be out killing whales if there’s any other way to provide for your family. I’d prefer to see the government bring in the supplies needed at a much reduced price, as Alaska’s prices make those in Hawaii look dirt cheap, yet the tribal people there are some of the world’s poorest. Until the U.S. bought Alaska frrom Russia, there was no real currancy to begin with, as bartering ruled the day. In many areas it still does. But the government should not allow others to go up there from the lower 48 so they can live what they call as subsistence living. If they can afford to move to Alaska so they can trap animals for fur, they can afford staying in the lower 48 and get a real job, instead of killing animals for what they wear. And anything made of real fur always looks better on it’s original owner. Unless we need to "harvest" an animal, whether it be a whale, a beaver, or whatever, unless it comes down to actual survival, we need to find another alternative.
Stumpy - 6/05/2014 5:07 PM
Far too many, but the most disgrace clearly goes to Japan, who deliberately tried to hide their whaling activities under the guis of research. But we all know that they weren’t doing any research, and painting such on the sides of their whaling ships just makes them look like the arses they really were. My hats off to the crew of the SEA SHEPARD for doing such an outstanding job of bring the plight of the whales to light. They’ve done more than anyone in protecting our oceans. It takes actually getting your hands dirty to stop those who could care less about the state of our oceans. Their self absorbed greed causes use the rest of the world to deal with their fallout. Sadly the rest of the world is often full of talk, but very little real action. If not for my back, I would have gladly brought my 21 years of Navy experience to help the crew of the SEA SHEPPARD out, and have not ruled it totally out for the future.
Eric_R - 4/11/2014 9:18 AM
To many.