My first treasure from a wreck
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My first treasure from a wreck


ken28730 - 4/02/2012 8:27 PM
$1,855. That’s a big currency for one single bill. wow.
jreitz1 - 3/13/2012 2:57 PM
Nice find, if it’s real. ;)
jreitz1 - 3/13/2012 2:21 PM
Where did you find that Rich? Cat or on the coast?
Rich-D-Fish - 3/13/2012 2:27 PM
Parson’s Landing - Catalina
UWnewbee - 3/12/2012 3:46 PM
Heres a little something that could hopefully help you,, hope you can speak Portuguese since thats the language mainly spoken :)
UWnewbee - 3/12/2012 3:49 PM
Nice find though Rich
Rich-D-Fish - 3/12/2012 4:01 PM
There is an English link on that site. But every attempt to reach them through e-mail comes back bad. I’m going to give up now. It’s been fun.
Rich-D-Fish - 3/12/2012 11:53 AM
So far I can tell you the exchange rate is $1,855.00 US dollars. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t actively trade with Mozambique, so I cannot find any currency exchange companies here to buy it. I will pay $500 commission to anyone who can broker a deal to buy it through another country.
Brian818 - 3/11/2012 10:22 AM
Let me know if you end up making anything from your find, AWESOMENESS