West Palm
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West Palm


riverratfl - 1/23/2012 7:03 AM
good looking snook!
scubadmike - 1/24/2012 2:28 AM
Thanks .I just picked up a Sea life Camera & I hope I get better shots .. Going diving on Jupiter Dive Center this Sat. morning boat .If interested E-Mail me ..
riverratfl - 1/24/2012 5:57 AM
I use a Sea Life as well, mine are just now getting better! I won’t dive again until probably March or April; it’s just too cold for me. I asked my son and he would, but he has to work all weekend. Sorry. I’m sure they will have someone for you.
scubadmike - 1/25/2012 5:58 PM
Thanks I hope to have more this weekend with J.D.C.