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Dive Site Comments > Dutch Springs
kwscubaken - 4 days 8 hours ago.
I am looking for a dive buddy to dive Dutch springs. I have a season pass, over 700 dives, and dive on Wednesdays and
JoeWR - 4 days 8 hours ago.
Hi, Ken. I dive Dutch Springs frequently and am often available on Wednesdays and Sundays.
mike500 - 5 days 7 hours ago.
Are you guys gonna be there at 8 AM?
MDW - 4 days 19 hours ago.
JohnDiver123 - 5 days 17 hours ago.
Friday 7/19 and Saturday 7/20 buddy wanted. AOW with 100+ dives. Open to
Close both days. 3-4 dives per day if possible!
kkalar - 4 days 13 hours ago.
Hi John, I’m looking to dive at Dutch on these days. AOW and Nitrox certified with 20+ dives.
JohnDiver123 - 4 days 12 hours ago.
Great I will see you there kkalar! Let’s connect as we get closer.
kkalar - 4 days 12 hours ago.
Sounds great!
dhpdaedalus - 4 days ago.
I won’t be a DS this weekend; going to Rockaways w/ Sammy! Maybe in a few weeks I’ll go to the quarry. Have fun.
mike500 - 7 days 3 hours ago.
Anyone diving saturday july 13th?
MDW - 5 days 17 hours ago.
Yes, Chase and I are diving there in the morning, and I may stay for the afternoon and/or do the night dive.
dhpdaedalus - 5 days 15 hours ago.
I’m on the fence for going the 14th, but could go July 13th. Probably arrive around noon. Might even camp over til Sunday.
Avishai - 7 days 7 hours ago.
Rating Added: 3
Fun place to dive, lots of different options underwater, not a nice park otherwise, can’t swim without a floatation device, so no real option for non divers to swim who aren’t children
MDW - 5 days 17 hours ago.
Yeah, but a wetsuit counts as a flotation device, so if you have one on you can swim all over the lake (not just in the aquapark). People do it all the time training for triathlons & stuff. You’re gonna want a wetsuit on anyway if you’re going to do some serious swimming for any period of time in the 65 - 70 deg water.
JohnDiver123 - 7 days 7 hours ago.
Anyone diving on Thursday July 11?
JoeWR - 7 days 7 hours ago.
I can be there Thursday.
JohnDiver123 - 7 days 2 hours ago.
Hi Joe looks like thunderstorms again! Let’s keep an eye on the weather.
JoeWR - 6 days 17 hours ago.
OK, will do.
JohnDiver123 - 7 days 10 hours ago.
Anyone diving on Thursday July 11?
KelvinBatista - 10 days 19 hours ago.
Anyone else available for Sunday July 7th? (drysuit, sidemount, double backmount, whatever)
I can pick up/dropoff in NYC.
mike500 - 11 days 15 hours ago.
Ok, see you then
mike500 - 12 days 18 hours ago.
Chris can you be there saturday by 8:00?
Cburgert - 11 days 15 hours ago.
I can be there Saturday morning 8 am.
mike500 - 13 days 23 hours ago.
See you friday morn
Cburgert - 13 days 22 hours ago.
Yes, we might have another diver with. I asked a few people, just in case since last time I went to Dutch Springs 3 people backed out after I paid to get in . Just a precaution I take now a days.
Cburgert - 12 days 23 hours ago.
Hey Mike, I have to change the day to Saturday the 6th. My wife is working Friday and can’t leave my child at home without a baby sitter. Hope you can do Saturday instead.
MDW - 11 days 21 hours ago.
Mike500 are you not coming either?
mike500 - 14 days 10 hours ago.
Hi Chris, i can dive friday. Can you be there by 10am?
Cburgert - 14 days 10 hours ago.
Cool, I’ll be there at 10 AM. Let me know, I’m going to be in the parking lot at 10am. I can pm my cell phone number .
Cburgert - 14 days 11 hours ago.
Anyone want to go to Dutch Springs on the 5th of July?
MDW - 14 days 10 hours ago.
JohnDiver123 - 15 days 16 hours ago.
Anyone diving Dutch on Wednesday 7/3?
MDW - 14 days 14 hours ago.
No, but I can go Thursday morning, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (and probably will).
akf - 19 days 12 hours ago.
Who’s camping out this weekend? (28-30Jun) I’ll be around all weekend and wanted to see if there were any familiar faces around, or new ones!
JoeWR - 19 days 12 hours ago.
What’s up, Ashley? I’ll be around Friday and Sunday.
mike500 - 18 days 18 hours ago.
Hi ashley, will you be ready for an 8:00 am dive on saturday 29th?
Avishai - 19 days 18 hours ago.
I will be diving today 6/27 and possibly tomorrow 6/28 and am looking for a diving buddy!
Avishai - 19 days 16 hours ago.
I am here and will be down at the student side around 4pm I’ll look for you, (couldn’t private message you mark so just replying to this) I’ll be wearing a purple shirt
Mirlen - 20 days 8 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 6/23/2019. Water temp: Under 50°F/10°C.
~76 ft at pump house, 46F, a little cool on the hands but not uncomfortable.
Mirlen - 20 days 8 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 6/22/2019.
Advanced Open Water dives, day 1.
gefilteefish - 23 days 8 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 6/23/2019. Average viz: Under 5ft/2m. Water temp: Under 50°F/10°C.
gefilteefish - 23 days 21 hours ago.
Hey anyone interested in doing 2 dives today in the afternoon