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Best website to post pics & videos?
Rich-D-Fish - 4/05/2009 4:43 PM
Category: Photography
Replies: 5

What is the best website out there to post your pics and videos to share?

Important features:

1. Free to use

2. Unlimited memory space which is still free (or at least very high limit)

3. Accept and display both pics and videos

4. Friends can download hi res copies off the site.

I first used Kodak Gallery for pics only, but my friends could not download copies of the photos. I now use Picassa, which will allow friends to download, but they give you very little free memory.

Can anyone recommend a better site?

CatManDav - 4/09/2009 5:14 PM
Rich-D-Fish - 4/09/2009 5:36 PM

Thanks Dave. Looks good. I am trying it out right now.

ScubaTeve - 4/15/2009 1:49 PM
Hi, I am not sure if this site meets all your requirements but the are diver specialized.
Rich-D-Fish - 4/15/2009 2:02 PM

Thanks for the advice. I actually discovered through another friend and am pretty happy with it so far. It does both photos and video, and gives you 1 gig free space to start.

alvinj88 - 7/24/2009 11:48 PM is also good