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Underwater archealogy/metal detecting Question.
Pyrate - 3/05/2009 2:20 PM
Category: General
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Does anyone have experience with underwater metal detecting? I’m in the process of purchasing White’s Surf PI Dual Field Metal Detector (water proof to 100 feet). The newest model that was just released is neutrally bouyant - the old model had a weighted ring. Does any have any experience with this?
SCUBASMITTY - 3/07/2009 11:58 PM
FOR GODS SAKES PLEASE DONT BUY A WHITES !-the model you reefer to is ALL hype and no teeth, especially if you are a beginner,... the tried and true PERFORMER is a GARRET SEA HUNTER.... and is 150.00 cheaper !.. the sea hunter mark II is the best underwater detecter I have ever seen. it is a much better detecter all the way around !I have found targets that my friends who have gone over an area have missed with their whites.. and were pissed when I came up with a find THEY should’ve hit !! ALSO the sea hunter mkII is rated to 200ft, the garret is 749.95 the whites you refer to is 899.95 msrp. you should check out the sea hunter - pn1151970, at or call 1-800-527-4011 for a catalog and history .. the sea hunter is a good beginner dive detecter... if you want something with a little more UUUMMMPH then you should see the garrett infinium land and sea, it is a better upgrade for pros, and will be a better ALL AROUND (meaning above and below) detecter for anyone ... but it is 1250.00 and you should start with the sea hunter first if you are not a PRO ... B T W when have you ever seen anything other then a garrett at any SECURE area, ie airports,court houses, they ALL use garrett devices for a reason ..THEY WORK !! and work well.. if you are a beginner... DONT’ MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I HAVE MADE when I was learning,, I refer to an embarrassing moment when I put my dive weight over the top of my coil, and wondered who the hell lost all this LEAD !! I hope this helps !! dive safe !! 
Pyrate - 3/08/2009 8:27 AM
Thanks. i’ll check out the garret. I did use the White’s yesterday diving off of Sanibel Island. It seemed to work well, but then again what do i know - i’m coming off of a Radio Shack $80 special. Found some metal trash and a really small screw (1 feet deep).