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Dive Watches
psparks60 - 2/08/2009 10:59 AM
Category: Equipment
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I’m about to buy a dive watch, and wanted to get some feedback. I want a good watch, with stop watch, countdown, etc. I already have a computer.

I’ve been looking at the Casio G-Shock series, which has a vast array of available features (retail ranges $50-$400) . Many of these have great reviews. I bought one model, but will take it back because it is hard to read, and look for one with a better face layout.

Then, I saw the Luminox Navy Seal watch, which has some good features, particularly the readability. They sell for $220 online.

Any thoughts? Analog display vs digital? Backlight vs. luminescent? Models/brands...
scubaman - 2/09/2009 8:06 AM
I found the Armitron to work well at Wal-Mart. Not expensive and I’ve had it down to over 100 feet with no problem. It says it’s good to 185 feet.
kc_moses76 - 2/09/2009 11:47 AM
I have the Casio G-shock and have been happy with it. Which model of G-Shock did you buy and return? Mine is WQ-3335 and here is a review for it:

I like it for the fact that it’s in my price point, and it can take abuse. It’s also solar charge so I will never need to replace the battery. I don’t find it difficult to read. I had some of the cheap stuff from Wal-mart or Gordman, they flooded after I have the watch shop replace battery, and they always have the sign "don’t guarantee water proof after battery replace".

The G-shock goes up to 400m, not that you will need that depth.

I just got my dive computer, so I will switch to the dive computer when I dive, but the G-shock is perfect for everyday use.
psparks60 - 2/09/2009 2:10 PM
Thanks guys. I’ll check those out.

After going back to Casio’s website, I’m now looking at the Frogman

It seems they are making a distinction between 200M water resistant and ISO 200M wr. They say the Frogman is their only true 200M watch, and on the face it says "Divers 200m". Suggests to me this is better than their regular 200m.

Still studying.
C-Ray - 2/10/2009 2:19 AM
I am a big fan of watches in general. I own too many to count. As far as a dive watch goes, it would be hard to beat a dive watch from Citizen. My current dive watch is the model WR100 Navihawk. It is rated to 10 Bar. I’ll never go that deep. A regular jewler has replaced my battery. I have had this particular watch for over 15 years, at least. I wore it in the Navy, and I wear it when sailing my sailboat, or diving. A tip for any dive watch you might consider. I threw away the original band years ago, replaced the band pins with stronger thicker ones, and I now use a velcro watch band called "The Band". Your wetsuit compresses at depth, and velcro can be tightened and/or retightened as necessary. Citizen arranges their watches in "Model Calibre" and "Case number". Mine is a C300. Check out all it can do at their web site. 
psparks60 - 2/10/2009 6:49 AM

Thanks, I will definitely check out the Citizen watches. You make a lot of good points, especially about the band.

Good diving.
kc_moses76 - 2/10/2009 10:31 AM
"Water proof at 200m" doesn’t mean it can be used to dive up to 200m. The Bar is the best indicator whether it can be use to dive or not.

I read that the water proof spec indicated by the company means you can submerge the watch at that depth without moving it, but as you swim (move your arm), the pressure is asserted to the watch, so it’s not true indicator/test of the capability of the watch.
coconuttele - 2/11/2009 11:42 PM
Freestyle watches work great, low price, and take alot of abuse. Best bang for the buck
debay(Dee-Bay) - 2/17/2009 3:53 AM

I bought a used Citizen a while back. It was old and beat up but it was a good price. You couldnt ask for a better dive watch. IF your gonna consider shellingout a few hundred for a watch to dive with, you might as well get a Citizen. They make excellent back up computers as well as bottom timers. Mine died and I just havent been able to convince the wife to let me buy a new one. I currently dive a wal mart G-shock model. it has been down to 120 feet with no issues. Its no Citizen, but I cant complain.