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FL Panhandle Divers: NYD get-together
Gidds - 12/18/2008 7:39 PM
Category: Travel
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I think we have nine divers, from this site and elsewhere, so far.

Greg-where can we download a logo that we can use if we take a group photo and to identify ourselves to people in our party that we haven’t met yet?

Sober-Up Dive at Vortex Springs!

What better way to start the New Year than with a dive in a clear, 68 degree Florida spring?

Come join diving friends new and old starting at 8am Thursday January 1, 2009 for an informal gathering!

According to the Vortex Springs webpage ( :
"We will also be closed New Years Day. For those of you that would like to dive during this holiday season you must register prior to close of business the day before in order to dive Christmas or New Years day. If you wish to fax or email the registration please call for details."


Last time I checked SCUBA diver admission was $19 and freediver (swimmer) admission was $8.

BYOB- Bring Your Own Buddy, especially if you are a cavern diver. You may or may not be able to find a buddy there.

BYOF-Bring Your Own Food, unless you want to bring something to share like snacks, finger foods, or desserts. flaski has offered to cook! Hot food after a cold dive, yay!

BAYS-Bring All Your Stuff, the dive shop will be closed so you won’t be able to rent stuff or buy back-ups of whatever.

Other notes: if you were partaking in "festivities" the night before please stay home or stay on shore and be safe, "sober-up" is a figure of speech, not a literal purpose of the dive. Vortex Springs is now a "dry", family-friendly establishment so leave your mimosas at home, thanks!
Gidds - 12/21/2008 5:26 PM
Ok apparently the facilities at Vortex will now be OPEN New Year’s Day from 10am to 5pm. Please spread the word to all interested parties and see you there!
flaski - 12/21/2008 9:00 PM
Yes that is a fact. New Years day 10 -5pm. If any of my buddies coming need tanks let me know asap 4-90’s and 2 63’s left. Vortex has all we could ever need.
oceanbound - 12/24/2008 8:24 PM
so do we need to be there at 10 or 8?
and I need a buddy, anyone interested?
Gidds - 12/25/2008 11:13 AM
I’m gonna say 10 or whatever works best for you. I just happen to like to get in there early and I get up early.
oceanbound - 1/02/2009 9:01 AM
We had a great time and looking forward to the next dive! It was nice to meet everyone. I’ll post pics soon