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Tangjubara Indonesia
Compass - 11/02/2008 11:18 PM
Category: Travel
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Just did my first salt water dive and was able to do it in Indonesia! It was an awesome dive. Going out later in the week for a night dive.
Matt65 - 11/03/2008 3:31 AM
Congrats on your first ocean dive! I too recently had my first ocean dive, in Monterey Bay, CA. Motorcycles WAS my first love, I did alot of desert racing the last 30+ years. Had to give it up tho, all those years of beating myself to death had finally taken it’s toll. Numerous broken bones and most recently a torn ACL in my left knee, with the following surgery forced me to retire from racing. Thank god I have such a thoughtful and darling wife! (Pretty cute too!) It was her Idea that I get back into diving as a hobby to replace what I had lost retireing from racing. Now I look back and think why on earth did I ever give up diving and get into racing motorcycles! I should have kept diving! Oh sure, I had LOADS of fun racing, but diving is sooo much easier on the bod! LOL! Take care and may you have many fun, safe, and wonderful dives in your future!