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Open Water Ages
thelion02 - 10/09/2008 9:22 AM
Category: Training
Replies: 3

1. How old must I be to earn a YMCA Scuba certification?
In order to take a YMCA Scuba certification course, individuals must be 15 years of age or older. Children ages 12-14 may earn the Junior Open Water Diver certification, which requires them to dive with an adult diver.

2. How long does a certification course last?
A traditional YMCA Scuba Open Water Diver course includes approximately 32 hours of training in the classroom and in a pool or confined body of water. These classes occur during day or evening hours over a period of a couple of weekends or several weeks, depending on how the class is structured.

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urbaneve - 10/13/2008 12:06 AM
darn i was told they could start diving at 8 i was counting the years until my son could go diving now i will have to wait