Scuba Diving Accident Kills California Man
NVR2L8 - 9/11/2008 10:04 PM
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CYBER DIVER News Network by LUTHER MONROE - CDNN Safety News Editor PACIFIC GROVE, California (2 Sep 2008) — An experienced scuba diver who was diving alone died today after he was found unconscious in the ocean off Coral Street Beach in Pacific Grove. Authorities told CDNN that Frank Martinez, 52, was rushed to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses said Martinez was solo diving while his brother remained ashore. After about an hour, the brother became concerned because Martinez had still not surfaced. He called for help and a kayaker spotted the victim’s body about 100 meters offshore. The brother helped pull Martinez ashore where bystanders initiated CPR and called 911. Paramedics responded to the call and rushed Martinez to hospital but it was too late. The brother told authorities that Martinez was a veteran diver who had recently resumed scuba diving after three years. Police confiscated the victim’s equipment and said the accident is under investigation. It is not known if an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death