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Anyone up for a trip to Cocos Island?
KelseyAnne - 8/17/2008 10:56 PM
Category: Travel
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There have been two cancellations on a trip to Cocos which leaves 4 open spots. There are two trips going out on the undersea hunter and the dates are: Nov. 30th- Dec 11th Dec. 11th- Dec 23rd Let me know if you have any interest! Warmest, Kels
lulu222 - 8/20/2008 12:29 PM

Hi. I went to the Undersea Hunter site and the trip is priced at about $4500.00 for 10 days plus park fees in the $225.00 range. Would that be about right for this trip?

If I could ask, since it sounds like you’re familiar with Cocos. What are the water temperatures like and when is the best time of year to see the most as far as large animals? Thanks.
KelseyAnne - 8/20/2008 11:53 PM
Okay here is some more info about my las posting. I hope it will be more helpful for you :)

The first trip is the Nov 30 – Dec 10 (10 days)

The boat cost is $4395 + Park Fees at $245

The second trip is Dec 11 - Dec 23 (11 days)

The boat cost is $4795 + Park Fees at $245

Temperature in Cocos is about 78 degrees. Some people wear a 3mm and others wear a 5mm. It really depends.

You can see large animals any time. Cocos is one of those places where you never know what you are going to see. Mantas, hammerheads, silkies, turtles, whale sharks, marbled rays and who knows what else!

If you would like more information please feel free to contact me directly.

MouthBreather - 8/30/2008 2:23 PM
I’ve always got interest in Cocos. I was there August of ’07 w/Undersea Hunter. Those earlier dates "float my boat." Which boat is going and does that include the stop on Mal Pelo?