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Camping & Shore Diving FLORIDA KEYS
Scubagal_godive - 12/28/2020 3:34 PM
Category: Travel
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Just moved to Vero Beach, Florida August 2020. Planning to try camping from my SUV and wondering if anyone else has found some good places in the FLORIDA KEYS to shore dive from the campground beach?
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 12/28/2020 6:44 PM
We were in Florida earlier this month and went to Key West for the day - shore diving is pretty non- existent - that said we stopped at a place Old Bahia Honda Bridge - we spoke to a bunch of FWC guys on the path.

They mentioned although it looked like a great place to dive - the currents under some of these bridges were unmanageable and they often were pulling divers out of the water.
So - I am a risk taker but wherever you decide to dive - take a flag - you may need it to signal someone and be wary of the currents and how to get back out of the water should the currents pick up.

Have fun and if you find a good place let us know or shoot me a message.
Scubagal_godive - 12/28/2020 6:56 PM
OH MY.....THANK YOU MY FRIEND! Bless you for taking the time to share, valuable info for all of us!!
LatitudeAdjustment - 12/30/2020 9:42 AM
If you go to the top and look at Scuba Earth there are maybe 2 shore dives in the Keys, one is at the community college in KW and the other is a green lagoon in Key Largo that’s run by a dive op and is a good spot to test new gear or just get wet when the diveboats are blown out.

While you’re down there be sure to check out BHB and Lauderdale by the Sea. BHB has free parking, Lauderdale by the Sea not so much :(

For cheap camping in WPB drive west one hour to Pahokee marina & campground, The town is the pits but you can’t beat the view :)
Scubagal_godive - 12/30/2020 9:59 AM
THANK YOU for the information! What is BHB? I used to Live one block from the pier in Lauderdale By The Sea 40+ years ago!
Scubagal_godive - 12/30/2020 10:00 AM
I am can you drive one hour west of WPB and have a view like that in your picture??
Scubagal_godive - 12/30/2020 10:03 AM
My bad...sorry...DUH....Lake Okachobee....I am clueless about diving the lake.....
LatitudeAdjustment - 12/31/2020 8:47 AM
From Scubagal_godive: My bad...sorry...DUH....Lake Okachobee....I am clueless about diving the lake.....

You don’t want to dive Lake O, trust me! 9’ deep, no viz and a lot, thousands of big gators

We usually winter there and it’s an hour drive to Blue Heron Bridge which is probably the best muck diving in Florida. It’s a nursery for everything you’ll see offshore. It’s actually 3 sites, the big stuff is under the west span. Straight out from the beach is the small stuff like Arrow Crabs and the east channel has everything from octopi to schools to jawfish
Scubagal_godive - 12/31/2020 11:21 AM
Let me know when you and your friends are going to Blue Heron Bridge and I’ll join you....but I may have to rent or buy a reg and dive computer ... mine are outdated.

I AM GRATEFUL for the shared information. Thank you....especially about the gators....sharks I can handle.
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/01/2021 9:29 AM
From Scubagal_godive: Let me know when you and your friends are going to Blue Heron Bridge

Not this winter, my wifes ALZ kicked in and she wanted to stay at home. Now she is complaining about the cold and has no memory of course of saying she didn’t want to go south :(

Keep an eye on the forum because there are others always going to BHB. Also the LDS’s get dusk diving permits which are actually parking permits so get yourself on the PuraVida and Force E email list.

Enjoy that weather!
Scubagal_godive - 1/01/2021 11:29 AM
What is LDS’s? (Latter Day Saints?????)

I signed up with Force E, Will look into PurVida. As far as your Bride and ALZ....please accept a "virtual hug" and know that you are not alone in your struggles and are a brave, loyal and compassionate person to not desert her.

"It is good to remember tht the tea kettle, although up to it’s neck in hot water.......continues to SING!

This will not last forever and you will live with a clean conscience and be glad you did all you could.
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/02/2021 8:20 AM
From Scubagal_godive: What is LDS’s? (Latter Day Saints?????)

Local Dive Shop, speaking of the saints, you probably don’t want to dive BHB on a weekend. It tends to be too crowded :(

There is more parking in the boat trailer lot :)
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/02/2021 8:50 AM
From the BHB facebook page