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Very SPECIAL Galapagos Expedition Group!
SeabassDiving - 12/07/2020 6:33 AM
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How to Dive The Galapagos Islands and Plan Your Dream Scuba Holiday
...without losing any more of your time researching on the internet.

Here’s All You Need To Know...

I wanted to share something with you and is very important for anybody who’s been wishing to dive the Galapagos Islands… and who is itching to go for an adventure to a remote place… or have the best possible scuba experience and finally dive on one of the best dive spots in the whole planet.

We (a group of scuba professionals) are organising a very special trip to Galapagos next May. Virtually, everything is included. You just have to get there!

It’s a 8d/7n liveaboard, with 6 dives in each Wolf and Darwin Islands, where we expect to see school of hammerheads and whale sharks plus 4 dives in cabo Marshal to see the Oceanic Mantas.

More than 20 dives total.

We are going to film from beginning to end above and below the waves and give you the results as a documentary style video. This will be included for everybody who joins the expedition.

We will also be running photography workshops, so if you are not a seasoned photographer we will make sure you have the perfect shot by the end of the trip.

Free Nitrox for the entire trip for all the dives is also included.

There’s also a guarantee. If COVID restrictions get in the way you can send somebody else in your place or book for up to one year later from the date of departure.


Here’s what you get for $3995.


- 8 days / 7 nights in the Calipso Liveaboard. The exact same trip the BBC used to film its next documentary. A completely and recently rebuilt liveaboard boat, modern, comfortable, safe and with divers in mind.

- More than 20 dives in differents dives sites of the Galapagos Archipelago. Including 6 dives in each Darwin and Wolf Islands, so you can experience the best hammerhead action and all the wildlife Galapagos Islands has to offer.

- Accommodation and dinner in San Cristobal (the night before our expedition starts)

- Airport Transfer

- Accommodation onboard for length of the cruise

- All meals, snacks, and beverages (except alcohol)

- Dinner on final day in Puerto Ayora

- Weights, weight belt and tanks

- Special safety equipment: Dive alert, SMB, Nautilus lifeline, safety noisemaker

- BONUS #1: Video documentary of the expedition by professional underwater videographer/producer, so you can store the memories of this once in a lifetime experience forever. A $1500 value!

- BONUS #2: Photography workshops so you can improve your underwater photo shoots and skills. A value $1000

- BONUS #3: Free Nitrox. For all the dives, for the entire duration of the trip, so you can dive safely. A $150+ value!

- BONUS #4: One-year can’t lose guarantee. If covid restrictions get in the way you can send somebody else on your place or re-schedule your trip until one year from your original departure day, advising 60 days before departure. For peace of mind... A Priceless value!

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- If you’ve been wishing to dive the Galapagos and you’re itching to for an adventure to this remote place

- If you want to dive in one of the best dive locations on the planet and experience diving in a whole another level

- If you want to see and experience all the amazing Galapagos marine wildlife and dive in the sharkiest place in earth

- If you want to get onboard the same boat the BBC used to film their next documentary

- If you want to have an historical copy of a video documentary of your expedition

- And if you want us 2 fully committed scuba professionals organise everything for you

Then, join this diving the Galapagos expedition NOW. It’s doubtful that you will ever have another chance like this.

WARNING: Only 14 spots left, And the price will rise next week!



Join the Facebook Event

And I hope to see you in Galapagos
It’s gonna be epic!

AKA Seabass Diving Instructor
SeabassDiving - 12/09/2020 5:57 PM
Hey! Thank you for mentioning that!

Yes from June to November they require at least 100 dives as winds pick up creating rougher seas, however between December and May they require 50 dives as seas are calmer.

Btw... safety stops in between hammerheads? That sounds soooooo cool!! :D

Have you been there a few times??
SeabassDiving - 12/10/2020 3:20 AM
[UPDATE] CONFIRMED DATES >>> May 27th - June 3th

Special charter confirmed and locked with Special price for special people and scuba divers ready to go for an adventure to one of the best dive spots and the sharkiest place in the world!

$3995 (vat included)

Act fast, OFFER EXPIRES ON DECEMBER 23th. Secure your spot and the discounted price now by paying a 15% deposit ($600).
Only 12 spots left.

Give yourself and significant other the best christmas gift!

- 8d/7n on Calipso liveaboard (The exact same boat the BBC used this last November to film their next documentary)
- More than 20 Dives
- Free Nitrox for all the dives.
- Free video documentary of the trip
- Free photo workshops
- Free guarantee (reschedule your trip until one year from your original departure day or send somebody else in your place)

We can accommodate solo divers in single cabin at no extra charge! No punishment for single/solo divers!

For more information contact me at:

WhatsApp: +6281333190214
Full details:
LatitudeAdjustment - 12/10/2020 8:34 AM
From SeabassDiving: Have you been there a few times??

We did a multi week trip spending almost one whole week at Wolf Island diving Landslide 4 or 5 times a day and only moving off when another boat came.

Everything from seahorses, to nudies to diving birds to passing schools of dolphins to whalesharks to playing with sealions to humpbacks. We did see penguins and iguanas but not during a dive.

You don’t want to do this trip too early in your diving career because you probably won’t ever top it. Maybe the South African Sardine run could be close. It will leave you jaded and I remember being bored the following week in Coz :(
SeabassDiving - 12/11/2020 12:01 AM

It sounds exactly to what I need! I think it’s a destination that every diver has to experience. It’s a must!

It took me about 800 dives to see my first whale shark, and over 1000 to see my first Manta! Some people see them in their first dive! Lucky them, yeah it’s hard to top it up, but the experience is unique and it must be lived.

Landslide ay, I’ll remember that for our itinerary ;)

Thank you for sharing your experience! It sounds like it was more than great!