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Jersey Shore diving
mc12301 - 8/22/2020 10:54 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 2

Hi... Mostly vacation diver here looking to get more experience diving locally along Jersey Shore. Have PADI AOW but only a few local dives. Hoping some divers who know local shore/inlet diving well wouldn’t mind me tagging along. Located in Monmouth County.
LatitudeAdjustment - 26 days 19 hours ago.
Well Monmouth county is a good place to be, most of Jerseys best shore dives are there. A lot from here dive Maclearie Park. My favorite was the twin wrecks but it’s access was closed after Sandy and I haven’t seen anything about it reopening since.
Divers Two used to have a beach entry club but I don’t know if it’s still active.
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 26 days 18 hours ago.
If by Twin Wrecks you mean the Adonis and Rusland "Dual Wrecks" - they were buried under 12 feet of sand last time l looked 1 year ago from the Beach Replenishment project. My guess - it is going to take a few hurricanes or years to uncover that site...