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Shark Tooth Dive in FL
Patrick96 - 5/14/2016 10:46 AM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 6

I’m looking for someone to join me on a shark tooth dive with a local dive shop here in Tampa on June 11th. Anyone interested? The dive is in Sarasota.
JameSCUBA - 5/19/2016 7:10 PM
Sounds great!
Bhutas - 5/23/2016 11:08 AM
I’ve planned a tooth dive in Venice Bch, FL June 11 and 12.

Do you have more info? I may change plans.
Tawnya - 5/26/2016 5:22 PM
Im interested i live in tampa.
Diver_Diva - 5/26/2016 7:53 PM
That really sounds interesting. Can you tell me more about a shark tooth dive, depth, visibility, special equipment?
Bhutas - 5/26/2016 8:54 PM
I’ve reserved a spot Sat. afternoon and Sun. morning (June 11 and 12) through Florida West Scuba in Venice,FL. They still have space. Their shop is at the dock.

25-35ft depth. Average vis 4-9ft.

You’ll need a mesh bag.

I’ve always wanted to find some big shark teeth. Stoked! :)