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The Darkest, Coldest, most Dangerous Waters.
Jonahmklein - 5/13/2016 8:03 AM
Category: General
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I have the privilege of Diving with a team of professionals in what we can only call for now the Deep Flooded Mine. (exclusion requested). some of the best diving, if you have the stomach for it. water temp 38 degrees, total loss of light at 100’ with only 10" of visibility and I had 2 lights at 1500 lumens each. Pit is all sheer wall drop between 200 and 300’ in depth. Take a look and determine if this is your type of diving.
John_giu - 5/14/2016 7:09 AM
Sex with a condom? Why would you? I’m all for cold water jersey shore diving, but thats only because I live in philly, we have much scarier things here. If only for scuba I’d be living in Florida and diving in a speedo. We maybe old guy trunks. I’m with Ray www.
SteveTylerUSA - 5/15/2016 9:02 AM
I would but I’m not experienced enough. Maybe in a couple of years. Thanks for the offer. :-)
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 5/15/2016 12:03 PM
Great job - I have been following the dives on another forum - did not realize you were involved. I had been noticing you were missing from the inlet for a while... :-)

Looks much more fun than the inlet - keep it up.
Jonahmklein - 5/16/2016 8:13 AM
Yea, as much as I love the Inlet, I could not pass up Diving the Deep Flooded Mine.
Smithsgold - 5/27/2016 5:46 PM
What kind of Mine ?
Jonahmklein - 6/13/2016 1:04 PM
This is a Old Iron Mine. The deepest man made dug for its time in the entire united states with depths over 600 feet. was flooded after taken out of commission. We have already reached depths of 325 feet.