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Certified open water diver through PADI but now was told NAUI was better! HELP
Sammiwammi2006 - 2/15/2016 5:06 PM
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So in the last two years I have gotten certified as an open water diver in Padi. I have also taken the class for nitrox and also passed that class. Well in that time I have had the different instructors. Recently I moved to an area where I have great diving options and want to get more involved. Well there recently was a new ship that opened up in the town I live in. Went and talked to the owner/instructor and he basically told me that naui was better then Padi. But I would have to start from the bottom and pay for the open water class all over again. I have only done 15 dives and am still new to the sport. So I figured I would see if anyone could give me advice what to do, because I don’t want to get the wool pulled over my eyes and be taken advantage of. Help me please!!!!
siboles2000 - 2/15/2016 7:49 PM
The question is are u comfortable diving? You are certified by PADI the most recognized scuba organization in the world.

Keep in mind that this is coming from a NAUI instructor.

Sounds like this person does not want your business.
LatitudeAdjustment - 2/16/2016 8:35 AM
From Eric_R: Also report the instructor to NAUI

Sam, are you going to Beneath the Sea the 1st weekend of April? NAUI will be there along with hundreds of booths you can get info from and free classes. I assume you are a DAN member, go to their website for a discount entry coupon. Bring return address labels, there are lots of drawings and mailing list you’ll want to get on

Dive clubs will be in the 100 isle, a great source for dive buddies and local diving.

I’ll be there Friday and Saturday working in or around the Exibitors Services booth at the back of the 800 isle, stop by and say Hello

Saturday night after the show and before the film festival a group from Dive Buddy usually get together for dinner, usually at Outback.

While I have your attention, this summer when the waters warm up a group of us (With both PADI and NAUI cards) dive Shark River in NJ looking for sea horses.

It’s an easy dive and a good intro to shore diving and what you can find in limited viz plus it’s warm enough for a 3 mil. Ray
LatitudeAdjustment - 2/16/2016 12:06 PM
My wife was hit in the head by an al80 when one of the DM’s in her OW course didn’t practice what they preach. Now she is afraid of being around when divers gear up and never went back to that shop. I was out of the country on a dive trip and had an alibi :) Blue Heron Bridge Scuba was telling me yesterday that with them if you don’t finish the course you get a refund.
Pete12345 - 2/16/2016 3:08 PM
As was said above, the certifications are cross-accepted by other agencies up to I believe Divemaster or Assistant Instructor. So no re-doing OW or AOW! I am AOW with Nitrox and dive with NAUI-certified people and the difference in skill is not based on the certification agency but how much people dive and if they are thinking about what they are doing and how they can improve. If anything, the quality of the instructor is more important than the certification agency. But they all give you good basics and then it is up to you to dive frequently and self-improve.
SeaGoat - 2/17/2016 9:11 PM
I agree with the other posters. That guy is full of it. Definitely don’t take lessons from him.

PADI, NAUI and SSI all have similar requirements for their divers and you will learn the skills that will help you to become safe and confident.

Rather than focusing on the agency, focus on the dive instructor and whether or not he/she is competent. If you think you have found a good role model and a good mentor in someone, take their class regardless of which agency certified them.
Sonnylynnvick75 - 2/19/2016 8:31 AM
When I did my OWC dives, my partner was a NAUI transfer guy from the local college. He had done his pool and classes through NAUI at the college but was being certified by my instructor who was SSI (not sure on all the details). Anyways, this guy was the absolute worst diver I’ve ever seen. During OWC he failed to turn on his tank before a giant stride into the water, he flailed like a fish when mask clearing, he could control buoyancy and was constantly silting it up. I tell you this because I also have friends who are NAUI and are some of the best divers around. Moral of the story, Certifying agency doesn’t matter, what matters is the instructor and unless you can’t figure out the difference in your first and second stage. Theres no reason to recertify.
Sammiwammi2006 - 2/20/2016 8:29 PM
Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have decided not to take the course! I really appreciate everyone’s feedback! I am so glad that I joined this site and everyone is very willing o help or point me in the right direction!
fpsodiver - 2/24/2016 9:05 AM
I am a PADI DM, know nothing about the NAUI course. Not saying PADI is better, that is just what my local shop teaches so that’s what I took. Instructors were great and taught me a lot. Got all 4 of my certs there and they were very thorough. Not knocking something I don’t know about, but I am curious. What questions did this guy ask that made him determine that you weren’t trained well enough and that his course was better?
Sammiwammi2006 - 2/24/2016 12:25 PM
Not really sure. Guess it was the fact I was trained in PADI. I am very eager to learn and I guess because I am so eager to learn he saw me coming!