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Nitrox Cert Not okay for SDI Master’s Program?
markingrassia - 1/03/2016 3:24 PM
Category: Training
Replies: 4

The SDI Master’s Cert states you need 4 certifications with...

"..only 1 course without dives, may be credited towards the master diver development program, with the exception of nitrox."

Does this mean the Nitrox cert cannot be used for the Master Cert, or, that the Nitrox Cert requires a dive to count.

Very confusing.
dalehall - 1/04/2016 8:04 AM
I read it as: The Nitrox course, although not requiring dives, can count towards your rating, however, it does not count towards the "only 1 course without dives" count. In short: Nitrox counts as a course that requires dives. I would double check with your SDI facility or instructor to be 100% sure though.
markingrassia - 1/04/2016 9:30 AM
Thank you, but the shop is confused as well. You do not have to dive to earn the Nitrox certification. Thanks.
dalehall - 1/04/2016 10:28 AM
No problem. If the shop is confused, they should contact SDI. But, like I said, I’m 99% sure that you can use Nitrox as one of the specialties and still be able to use another that doesn’t require dive, like VIP or equipment specialist. Good luck with it..
bassplayer88 - 1/11/2016 10:32 AM
Neither SDI or PADI have an actual dive requirement for Nitrox Cert. I did my SDI Nitrox Cert as a Rec diver, no dives required, and as a PADI EAN Specialty Instructor you do x2 simulated dives with the computer, the actual dives are optional, not a requirement.

Hope that helps