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And so it begins (again)
tstormdiver - 6/05/2015 5:20 AM
Category: Training
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This weekend is the beginning of my busy summers. I am conducting evaluation dives for students I’ve had since it became too cold to do any more(mid Oct). The waters are finally warming (some) & safe enough to take the students. I have 4 students that I will run in 2 shifts. I have 2 children & 2 adults. Because of the children, I am limited on one of my classes,... plus the poor viability of the local quarry warrants only taking 2 at a time. Looking forward to assisting those new to diving to finishing up their certifications & enjoying their diving. I am also looking forward to teaching a lot of specialty classes & more advanced classes (solo & Intro to Tech) for those wanting to go in those directions.
Eric_R - 6/06/2015 4:56 AM
I hope you have a successful summer and bring lots of new people into this sport.