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Monterey, CA Tips and info please
jbellzz - 6/01/2015 8:41 AM
Category: General
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I am traveling to Monterey, CA to dive this weekend and was looking for any information that could be helpful. Favorite places to dive, best dive shop to rent tanks and weights. Any tips that could help make my trip better. Thanks.
glock34girl - 6/01/2015 8:58 AM
If you are going to The Breakwater the Glenn’s Aquarius is right there near the marine hardware store and the Coast Guard facilities where the boat trailers park. The owner is a salty bastard that can be a little rough/rude but their tank rentals are cheap. Not sure about weights. There’s another shop north of all the parking lots, I want to say it’s breakwater dive shop. Not sure on their prices but could be pricy based on their inventory. It’s a techie store. Get their early! I say this because that’s been my best dives is just about 730-8am. The metridian fields are always nice. I forget off hand the compass numbers to get you there but if you google it the numbers are accurate. Last I was there I head back in at 180-210 so you could take reciprocal of that but then you don’t get the pleasure of following the pipe and seeing the marine life that hangs out there. I’ve been to Ottercove too but it can be a bitch. The entry is full of eel grass and slippery rocks and its shallow for 50+ yards. Swim around to the back side of the kelp bed and it drops to maybe 40+ it’s hot and miss in terms of visibility at both places but the plant life at Ottercove is beautiful and there is a lot of marine life especially if you get out to the kelp bed. Pretty long surface swim but worth it. Also if you do go to metridians and take the 180-210 back you will bump into a little reef that is full of neat stuff. If you want more info call Bamboo Reef in Monterey and ask for Adam Luster. He knows that place like the back of his hand and I think does a few guides. If you are there on the 14th Bamboo Reef (San Fran) store is hosting a Fun Dive. It’s a two tank dive at Coral Street (near breakwater) cost is 20 bucks and includes BBQ. I’ve been on a few of them and it’s great people all around. Hope that helps. There will be someone with way more info on it Iam sure.
Kenbuzz - 6/01/2015 11:54 PM
I used bamboo reef on lighthouse when I was in Monterey. I dove at the breakwater.
jbellzz - 6/03/2015 12:05 PM
Thank you for all the information. Sounds like I will have plenty of places to check out.
Winterone - 6/04/2015 8:29 PM
Break water is right there very reasonable, Leroy is awesome and they will take care of any of your needs. If you want to do a boat dive check out Beach Hopper II leaves K dock at 8 Go to Monterey dive boats and click the links. usually full on sat but tanks and weights ( have to be asked for) are available.