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Dutch Spring PA
Mcclaren - 5/04/2015 5:03 PM
Category: General
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Friend and I dove dutch spring may3. Very nice refreshing dive. Not many divers at cite. Visibility 40, 50 feet, water Cristal clear and cold, at 70 feet down Water 41°f. My semidry Hollis suit kept warm and comfy. Time to check your dive gear, make shure no surprises.
At dutch spring you don’t really need dive Buddy if don’t have, just go to one of platform’s, check buoyancy, take line to one of object, swim around and back same way.have a nice diving season.
Btrax - 5/05/2015 5:50 AM
Thanks for the info. Never been to dutch, which hollis semi-dry were you diving. I have been looking into the Neotek and have been reading good things about it as we always dive in cold water here in the Long Island area. Also, i have been wondering where do you keep your gear when your in the water? Do they have lockers there or do you just leave it on shore.?