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Diving for shark teeth advice
topherwarden - 4/22/2015 6:44 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
Replies: 6

I have never dove for shark teeth before, I am out of Savannah and was looking to see if anyone had any advice for me? Thanks guys, looking forward for some feedback. I know in Savannah has low visibility so that will be one concern. Also if anyone has any beginning spots they would love to share feel free to share or call or text me at 706-304-9783
I do have a boat if anyone possible might want to show me the ropes too. Thanks again!

Christopher Warden
tardmaster - 4/22/2015 7:01 PM
go to the cooper river in Charleston, south Carolina. you will find plenty.
OleCrab - 4/23/2015 4:24 AM
I found this book informative. It was written around Charleston area.
SeaGoat - 4/23/2015 6:22 AM
The good news is that bad vis is totally okay for shark teeth. In fact, I prefer it because there’s less to look at and I can focus on finding teeth. However, I’ve only been diving in the Venice, FL area. The depths there are in the 15-20ft range. It’s easy to lose your buddy but our charter, The Aristokat, gave each buddy team a flag. That way, they could keep track of us but, also, if the buddies became separated, the flagless partner would surface and redescend down their buddy’s flagline. If Savannah’s depths are shallow, this might be a good technique for you.

Also, I’m moving to Macon in July and would be happy to meet up for some ocean diving.
OUBobcat - 4/23/2015 8:30 PM
Are you looking for Meg teeth or just normal shark teeth? I have found several normal teeth while diving the Myrtle Beach area. I just look for spots where shells collect around reefs usually in bowl areas and there usually are some there. I take an old medicine pill bottle but u have to punch a small hole in the lid for pressure. When I find some then I can take the cap off put them in there and don’t have to worry about losing them the rest of the dive.
topherwarden - 4/25/2015 6:54 AM
Thanks guys for a lot of different advice, That was what I was looking for. Yesterday I tried to dive in the Wilmington River over in Savannah off my boat just to see how it was. I can tell you that the visibility was extremely low but in the end I was still able to search around for any kind of fossils or teeth. However it was still enjoyable. I do plan on checking out some books to include what OleCrab recommended because now its trying to find those spots and technique ie do you dig for them? Search large areas until you come across one? Any tools? Things like that...

OUBobcat- Really I am just looking for anything, I would love to come across Meg teeth, but for me starting off I would be happy for pretty much anything. I do have a pouch on my BC but I ended up carrying a small net down there with me.