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Looking for experienced diver to dive/film Saudi Arabian Red Sea JUNE 2014
Marwan19 - 4/10/2014 8:22 AM
Category: Travel
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Hi everyone, I just joined DiveBuddy in the hopes of finding like minded people. This summer I plan to dive in the Saudi Arabian RED SEA (for the first time). I’m a citizen of the neighboring state of Kuwait, but I live in Miami, FL now.
The plan is to dive Saudi Arabian diving hotspots (Jeddah, Farasan, etc) while exploring new dive sites. As you might already know, the area doesn’t have a huge diving or even tourism industry, and the idea is to take advantage of that as much as possible.
I’m a well traveled PADI Divemaster with two simple cameras (and a GoPro on the way), speak fluent English and Arabic, and have connections that might ease everything from accommodation to finding new dive sites.
Looking for someone adventurous, passionate and willing to travel long distances for (what I honestly speculate to be) one of the most untouched and unique tropical marine environments in the world.
Aiming on making a short movie/video, need at least one other person to join.
Open to diving with anyone, only condition being similar experience (and approximately same age!)
Message me for ANY questions, could be the trip of a lifetime!
Dutch - 4/11/2014 3:03 PM
What are the expected expenses, expected length of time and if I remember correctly, that side of the Red Sea is patrolled pretty well so, how do you expect to obtain the needed permissions to dive where you want?
Marwan19 - 4/14/2014 7:30 AM
In all honestly all those depend on the number (possibly nationality or gender as well) of the people that come. I have never dove there myself but just began researching.
Can’t put a number on expenses but:
Buddy needs own gear, although I might let someone use my GoPro.
Accommodation, starting at Jeddah, will probably be at the most convenient beach resort in terms of dive centers and proximity to shore. No idea how we get to Farasan Islands, might be a trek, unless I bring a car...
Permissions: using my passport, dive certifications, and MAYBE people I know in Jeddah if I can get a hold of them.
Time: approx 2/3 weeks
Rough sketch of my plan, totally depends on who wants to join and their summer schedule. I’d prefer serious inquiries by message or email: