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Scuba via Jet Ski
floridajetridersDOTcom - 4/03/2008 11:20 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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I have a three seater GTX limited SEA Doo.. kick butt jet ski and love to use it as a dive bouy.. essentially.. just stick a dive flag on it and go to town.. problem is no one in our club seems to want to dive as often as I want to go... and no one is brave enough to check out all the wild places I like to go.. I study books and the web to find killer places to swim with wild animals. I am pretty good at it and just got certified in October.. my next adventure.. Gray’s Reef Marine Santuary in Georgia.. would like to get a photo or two of some of the only populations of right whales in the entire northern hemisphire... last time I went there I saw two only inches from my jet ski.. if I was three feet closer I would have been crushed by a tail comming down. they were very curious and I find that they like the impellers trail of chum (jet skis chop up very small fish and act sort of as a chum trailnot good for New Smyrna or Daytona) but great for anywhere that is not completely shark infested..

Any hoo.. looking for dive buddies who also ski or dont mind chase boating or riding on back.. I can only fit two tanks and with tanks on board I can not ruff too big of waves but not many places I can not go as long as they are within 4 miles of shore.

Let me know if your interested.. I have a forum on the site and ac club with scheduled rides.. check out