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Mares Volo Power or Sherwood Kinesis...Any Difference???
Grayfox - 3/13/2008 7:22 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 4

Hi, I`m a new diver. I will be generally diving in New Jersey shores. I was going to buy Apollo Split Fins but then my local store said for New Jersey shores these might not be the greatest idea because of currents. So now I`m deciding between the Mares Volo Power and Sherwood Kinesis. Upon examining them they seem to be the same thing. Volo`s seem to have a softer middle fin area that I`m scared may make me lose power in currents while the Sherwoods are a little stiffer and cheaper. Is there any real difference between these two fins? Has anyone out there actually tried them??? Also if anyone has any suggestions for a good titanium diving knife within a $50-$70 price range let me know too :D. Thanks to all who reply and hope to see you at the bottom! -Jose
mo - 3/13/2008 1:38 PM
Here is a very good review of the Volo fin`s
RAWalker - 3/13/2008 2:29 PM
I have the Sherwood Kinesis EX and have been happy with them. If you are looking for maximum power the stiffer the fin the better all other things being the same. So to evaluate your selection: Sherwood Kinesis EX(the black version) is the stiffest. Sherwood Kinesis as you stated is stiffer than the Mares Volo Power. I`ll add another similar design for you as a bit less stiff the Sherwood Spinta also uses the pivot point design and is even less expensive.
Grayfox - 3/13/2008 2:57 PM
Thank you very much for all your replies. I think I`m going to go with the Kinesis. They seem to be stiffer than the Volos but not the EX`s and they`re a little cheaper than the Volos. My Dive shop recommended those but I just wanted to check because they seem to be drawn towards Sherwood products.