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Diver Etiquette
OcalaJim - 3/03/2008 12:06 PM
Category: General
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I was diving at Blue Grotto (Williston, Florida) yesterday and I was floored. Let me explain. My buddy and I started our first dive. Mind you, there were over 20 divers in the water and I believe they were all doing open water classes. We went down to "Peace Rock" which is at around 50` to check out my buddy`s gear. He was diving with his dry suit (only the 6th time in the water with it) and he wanted to get his buoyancy down. Well, right off the bat, 2 of those divers came down and landed on my head. I blew it off as I figured they were students. BUT, after that, our second and 3rd dive were plagued with fins in the face, the bottom getting stirred up, an instructor fell down on me as he was doing some sort of training session for recovery. My buddy (who happens to be an instructor) and I had no idea what was going on. We thought this guy was injured as he dropped like a brick and laid on his back on the platform. Just as we came to our senses and went to help out (and thank him for falling on me), his student grabbed him and we knew it was an excercise.

Does anyone else experience this lack of respect for other diver`s personal space?
dvr4lyf - 3/03/2008 3:14 PM
Tough to say, not usually but I do try to stay away from platforms if I can help it. Too bad though, could have been a good dive I`m sure. Sounds like a case of wrong place, wrong time to me. Now if that had happened out in the open ocean, that would be a different story. Hope your other dives go better.
OcalaJim - 3/03/2008 8:34 PM
I guess if I was on the dive platform I would understand the rude attitudes, but, we went out of our way to avoid them after the first couple of mishaps. They just followed us I guess. By the way - I didn`t let some newbies spoil my fun! We still had 3 good dives despite those issues.
froggiepatrol - 3/04/2008 7:53 AM
I think as much as we would like to think that the diving community is a tight nit group more and more people are becoming certified and interested in the sport of diving. I myself was just certified a couple of years ago. It`s good that you went on with the dive and made the most of it despite how frustrating I`m sure it had to be. I too have encountered rude divers above and below the water. But I simply take a no argument approach and try to lead by example. The other day I had went bowling and some young kids was in the lane next to me. They was horsing around and often coming up and bowling or playing in the lane while I was trying to roll. So each time they came up I walked back and waited. It didn`t take them long to get the hint and be come more courteous. Although this is a little harder to do with diving, if the majority of people act accordingly rude people will hopefully change their ways to be more respectful.
RigHunter - 3/04/2008 9:37 AM
Unfortunately, I see this a lot diving in areas where there is a high concentration of divers in a small some what confined area like Vortex, Blue Grotto, Athens Scuba Park, etc… It’s sort of like 3 is company and 4 is a crowd. Especially when there are students involved. I know that with my students I am very protective of them and some what territorial when it comes to there safety. I sometimes get a little on edge when other divers get too close. It also seems that some Instructors with classes are not always concerned with sharing already tight space with other divers and vice a versa. We too have had a similar incident with a rescue class in which we did not know they we only training. They were so realistic we asked to help and the Instructor told use to mind our own business….JUST RUDE! However, not too long ago at a park in Texas (I think) a student drown because other divers in the area THOUGHT they were doing a rescue class and they were in fact not. The point is, as divers we need to respect other divers at ALL times and be willing to assist them whenever possible.
dalehall - 3/07/2008 9:19 AM
The biggest thing I ask of anyone in any of the groups I put together is to respect the other divers. Most of my group are adults, so nothing ever has to be said. It`s just a "given" with us.

We had about the same thing happen at Rainbow River just a few weeks ago. A group of "non-divers" (they were just people in scube gear) came up from behind us and destroyed the viz in Rainbow River. Took it from 60 feet to about 4. They were complete idiots. If it had silt on it, they either went through it, kicked it or stood on it. It was unbeleivable these people even had c-cards. Of course,that`s what we get for going on a Holiday Weekend.

Lesson learned: Go during the week or the off-season.

OcalaJim - 3/07/2008 11:31 AM
i guess that was my whole point -- people need to respect others. imagine how these people act in their every day life!