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Thoughts on using ropes, nets, fishing line to snag for training purposes
RescueDiver15205 - 10/19/2013 6:30 AM
Category: Health & Safety
Replies: 4

I just wanted to get some thoughts from everyone on using rope, fishing line, nets, etc. to train on disentanglement while underwater. I would think there is a huge safety issue but how else can one simulate disentanglement while underwater without using these concepts? Do you think it is safe? How can it be made safer(i.e. in a pool, shallow end, multiple safety divers)? Have Advanced Life Support EMS standing by(more for PSD teams)? Any other thoughts, ideas, or opinions? Thanks!
ScubaCrab - 10/20/2013 4:23 AM
Maybe you should have tried out for the navy seal team? A friend of mine was a seal and was told very few were able to complete the course! They did a number of near death training drills to get the best survivor’s to become seals.
WarmWaterTurner - 10/22/2013 6:37 AM
That is exactly what we did in our Rescue Class. The scenario was an entangled unconscious diver rescue. The instructor intentionally wrapped the cord under and around the valve assembly - the idea being to cut it away quickly in order to get the diver to the surface as fast as possible. It was good training AND I have actually been involved in a real life entanglement where the calm and need to think through the problem aided in assisting that diver. Of course, during such training - we had three safety divers at the ready.