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geagle01 - 1/24/2008 1:40 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 2

Anyone ever been to, or have any thoughts on, Dominica? Long stort short, I was planning a dive trip to Bonaire with some other divers, they backed out. My wife said she would go, but I just don`t think I can drag a non-diver to Bonaire. Dominica looks amazing, and not too much of a drop off in diving, either. (Ecxcept no shore diving though) Thanks
raygun - 1/25/2008 1:33 PM
I was in Dominica in April of `06.I enjoyed it there.There is some good diving around the island.There is also a good amount to do inland for non divers.My friend doesn`t dive,and he suggested Dominica for a trip.Most of the island is mountainous rainforrest,and it always seems to be raining somewhere there.There are several very nice waterfalls to see.Some require a moderate to difficult hike to get to,but it is worth the effort.I stayed at the Ancorage,south of Rouso,where we booked all our tours through,including the diving/snorkeling.We went on a whale watch trip with their boat and got to see a humpback whale breeching several times.Pretty cool. The only drawback I encountered was that we had to change airlines in San Juan from USAirways to Caribbean Sun,and both my friend`s and my checked bags did not arrive in Dominica until five days later.Quite a hassle,but it didn`t spoil the vacation. I would definitely go back sometime.Possibly next spring. Hope you enjoy your trip.Ray.
GOLDENREEF - 1/27/2008 8:37 AM
geagle, What a shame! So many people think there is not much for the non-diver to do. Your wife would be very well entertained while you dive! There is guided snorkeling, museums, guided tours (all kinds, Bonaire Tours is excellent, as well as Outdoor Bonaire!) The local shopping is good as they have a market at whilamena park in town, and a few other good stores for jewelery, clothing, and souvenier stuff. Let`s see, mangrove kayaking, horseback riding, donkey sanctuary, butterfly farm, hanging out at the beach (yes, we do have some small but amazing beaches beleive it or not, they have really come back, Atlantis Beach, Windsurf Beach just to name a couple) caving, a small, but nice casino, photography, once again LOTS of tours (and if needed in a totally air conditioned top of the line mini tour bus!). Don`t miss Bonaire...there are so many things for your nondiver to do! Liz