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Should training agencies require drug tests on instructors?
Anonymous - 8/07/2006 10:09 AM
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What do you all think about requring a drug test for instructors? Or maybe a background check to make sure the instructor isn`t a child molestor? I think these should be required if the instructors are responsible for students safety or if they are conducting a class for children. Thoughts?
Anonymous - 8/08/2006 1:15 PM
personally i think that all areas of the water are not regulated as well as they should be. i would NEVER get in the water with an instructor or dive buddy that does drugs. my life is in the balance, and i am not going the let anyone screw that up. personally, i am not a drinker or do drugs and i would actually have secong thoughtst of diving with someone who "tied one on" the night before. when it comes to the water, she takes no mercy. always be on best alert when playing in her playground. as for actual drig testing, i am for it. just figure it this way -- what happens if your DI forgets to tell you an important part of your training because their head was foggy. yes, drug test them.
Anonymous - 8/10/2006 4:09 PM
Well, from an instructors standpoint, who would you like to see perform the drug tests? The agencies? That`s not going to happen. How about having the government regulate the drug testing process? I don`t think you would want any government regulation of anything scuba-related, or do you? I don`t drink nor do I smoke or do any type of illegal substances and maybe I have a blind eye but I don`t see this as an industry-wide epidemic. If you suspect that an instructor is under the influence while conducting scuba operations, contact employer/agency. There are too many dive professionals to test in order to dispose of the relative few that practice this habit. Will the consumer pay for this drug testing program? I just don`t see the problem being large enough to pursue this type of solution.
Anonymous - 8/11/2006 9:38 AM
I think the training agency/instructor should pay for the drug test AND background check. It should be part of the instructor development course. Regardless of how it`s done or who does it, customers would appreciate the fact that the agency did it`s best to ensure their instructors are drug free and not pedophiles.
Anonymous - 8/11/2006 5:10 PM
Very well, then I suggest you contact the three dozen agencies and explain how they should pay for this "screening" in order for you to feel more secure about the training that you`re seeking. Once again, I don`t think this is a problem that is rampant in the industry. Does this mean we also test at home where they are most likely to partake in this behavior? I can understand the desire to bring a "wholesomeness" to the sport but to add this expense onto an already struggling recreation and to combine that with the number of independent instructors out there that aren`t even affiliated with a dive store, this would become a very difficult (and costly) task.
Anonymous - 9/26/2006 12:53 PM
As far as the drug testing goes I do not believe that we should make any mandatory screening. If you suspect that an instructor is using drugs or is unqualified in any way seek out another instructor. Stop into the shop a few times and talk to the instructor to get a feel of the instructor, even talk to some present or past students to help figure out if the instructor is any good. As far as a background check. If you want a background check on an instructor that is going to teach you or your child go pay for one to be done. If you are worried that he/she might be a child molester check your local sex offender registry. Better yet do like I did when I had my minor child Scuba certified, Get to know the instructor, show up and sit in on the classes and training dives.
Anonymous - 10/13/2006 7:41 PM
Dang, I though pot smokers were paranoid! Seriously, drug tests are a violation of a very basic human right. Not only that, but they are ineffective in their intended application. I agree with the previous post - if you have concerns, take responsibility and check it out yourself. The only thing that requiring drug and perv checks would do is give lazy paranoids a false sense of security. That, and add another unecessary level of BS to an endeavour that used to be all about fun, and personal responsibility.
Anonymous - 2/25/2007 4:08 AM
Instructors, we would like to believe, are ‘a step above society’ as a whole. As one I am naturally bias however I do believe that my statement above is true having learned from some great individuals. I put a lot into getting where I am today and I am sure most instructors do as well. For me it is the thrill of introducing new divers to the wonders of the aquatic world that provides me the satisfaction I need and the only drug I may succumb to may be a case of nitrogen narcosis. That said I am sure there are some that would ruin it for everyone and thereby giving us all a bad name. Instructors, like dive equipment, should be chosen carefully. In my job, the one that I use to pay for all my diving, I am subjected to drug testing, security clearances screening and the like. Why would anyone want to jeopardize that, their life or worse, the life of another is beyond me. While I have not offered any solutions here I do understand the need for caution. DLS
Anonymous - 3/10/2007 10:41 PM
oh yeah lets get all the programs going, and lets not rule out booze.(thats a drug too)in fact what we need is for everyone to be outfitted with a breathalizer that won`t allow your regulator to work till you blow a passable breath and a skills test too, if you can`t swim a strait line then get back on the boat and not allowed to gear up till you pass or charge them for D.U.I...diving under the influence...where does it stop? how an instructor parties on their own time is not our business, as long as he provides the serivces that we hired them for. HUMMMM new meaning for recreational diving.If you put your life in the hands of anyone (stoner or not)then you need to get more gear "like a pony bottle". be more responsible and don`t get yourself in dangerous situations. Pay attention and be alert..idiots..(playing the blame game).now why is that pervert teaching your kid.It maybe that some other dad didn`t do his fartherly duty and send the perv on a deep dive to davie jones locker.
Anonymous - 3/10/2007 11:17 PM
ok I ran out of letters on that last entre.If we start screens then word will get to the public (the way that the media does)and give a bad rep to the diving community.example. when people see a diver wearing a shirt of some narced out diver,frog,shark,or whatever,with a caption that insinuates it as macho or cool, they then look at divers as some kind of glue sniffer,altho they don`t understand. so lets not start some histeria over something that`s not a major issue, besides , your dangerous hardcore drugster doesn`t keep diving,he liquidates his gear for drugs anyway. As for background checks goes. it would be wise of the dive shops to do this when dealing with childeren. (or even women for the sake of rape).So as to cover themselves alittle bit in case of lawsuits.Mite even require that the parents be present at all times.
Anonymous - 3/25/2007 2:52 AM
This is a subject I`ve thought about over and over due to my personal background (ex LEO). Since an instructor can have his/her personal life brought into question involving an investigation of any diver he/she has certified, then YES there should be drug tests on instructors AND DMs.

I have heard several horror stories about dive leaders conducting classes or tours while on something (be it drugs or alcohol) which is inherently dangerous for all involved.

If I were on an investigating committee, that would be one of the very pertinent questions I would want answered.
Anonymous - 3/28/2007 1:05 AM
I for one am tired of control freaks, My business is dictated by it, my ole lady at house trys it(now ex ole-lady cause of it).so I don`t want my R&R to get tainted with it. I just want to dive and get away from politics and control freaks and see something different. so go control your own house ...freak....:-D
Anonymous - 7/03/2007 5:20 PM
Anonymous - 7/28/2007 11:57 PM
Drug tests and background checks huh? Like the instructor above i have to ask 2 things who will pay for it and who will oversee it. If PADI requires it will NAUI and everyone else follow? There are literally tens of thousands of instructors. Here in the states and in other countries. If i move to the Carribean and teach do they do a background check only there or do they check here too? I am the father of 7 great kids and i will certify them myself, but were that not the case I would sit in on EVERY second of EVERY class. What kind of irresponsible parent puts their kids in a class that could kill them (if the instructor is on drugs as we are surmising here) and then just walks away? If you have ANY doubt find a new instructor. If you think he`s a pedophile or are just concerned, then you can run his name yourself and find long as he`s been arrested. If your own kid and be safe!