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looking for a compatible dive buddy north Puget Sound, WA
sokedlontra - 7/27/2012 9:21 AM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Hello folks!

I am
looking for a compatible dive buddy ideally located in the north Puget Sound
area, WA. I have been doing cold water diving for 4 years. My level
of certification is AOW + NITROX. I have done over 300 dives so far. I use 100 and 80
steel tanks. I limit my max depth to the size of my cylinders. I do not breathe
my air until the tank is bone dry to extend the bottom time so I usually leave
a reserve of 500 psi. I like to take pictures underwater and watch wildlife
interactions/behaviors so I dive slowly and sometimes I can spend a
fair amount of time in just one spot. However, I am also flexible and
adaptable depending on the circumstances. :)

Cheers and happy safe
sokedlontra - 8/03/2012 7:40 AM
Apparently there is a reply to my post but I cannot find it anywhere ?????!!!
GregScubaholic - 12/18/2012 11:21 PM
Hey sokedlontra,

My buddy and I live in Granite Falls & Marysville. We both take photos and use 100s. I’ve got about 2500 dives and Johanna must be getting close to 1000. We both belong to local clubs. Contact me if you are interested in getting out for a dive or 2.

sokedlontra - 12/19/2012 9:55 PM
Hi Greg,

Thank you very much for your message. Where do you usually go diving?

Lately the weather has been pretty bad with strong SSE winds so my local dive sites like Keystone Jetty or Possession Point Fingers are rather challenging because of possible high surf (when it rains PPFingers is not very practical because there is no shelter and just one portable toilet + there is surface current and I am wondering how the bad weather effects it + you need to let the ranger know that you are diving one day in advance). Lately I was able to dive with my regular buddy, my husband, because he did not have any gigs (he plays in a r’n’r band). We ended up at Langley Marina and Cove 2.