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Culebra, PR.
Bob01 - 5/16/2012 3:16 PM
Category: Travel
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Has anyone been to Culebra? I understand the diving is only okay but is there enough to do topside to spend a week there or should I only spend 4 or 5 days on the island?
ChocMoose13 - 5/17/2012 8:47 AM
Went last year for 4 days and had a good time. We went with Taz Hamrick of Aquatic Adventures, who is NOT with the "usual" groups and has his own boat and takes you out for 2 dives w/ lunch, leaving around 10am. We contacted him via web site/email prior to our going to Culebra, and he helped set us up w/ a nice place to stay. We stayed at an apartment over the shops that face the ferry boat dock great view, close to everything. We only took masks, fins, snorkels and computers and rented everything else just for space/weight considerations.

"Lots of things to do" depends on your perspective. Culebra is known for its beaches, which are on the northern portion of the island. TONS of tourists come in on the ferry from the big island every day just to go to the beaches. If you want to sun and relax, it is beautiful. There is limited (1, maybe 2) "night life" w/ some restaurants having guitarists play and kareoke is very big. All in all, it is a sleepy, quiet place to relax, enjoy, and get away from it all. The large resorts have some big fancy restaurants if you are looking for a splurge and a fancy time, but most places are just modest. We enjoyed having breakfast in the bakery under our apartment, and on the days that it was closed, there was another bakery less than a city block away that made egg sandwiches, etc. We found we could eat very cheaply for breakfast, have lunch on the dive boat, and then have a dinner at one of the restaurants (all within easy walking distance). The resorts there are big and cater to non-natives expensive, and far from the main town, so you’d need a rental vehicle or take cabs a lot. Since we were there before a conference on the big island, we were just there to relax and I read books and enjoyed the down time.

Only trick w/ Taz is that he wants cash payment, rather than credit cards, and he is better for experienced divers than beginners. BUT he did take us to all kinds of sites w/ different critters, and accommodated our advanced dive skills (over750 dives each). We found the diving better than Bahamas, but then again we REALLY look for things when we dive rather than just cruise around fast. My husband is an underwater photographer, and only brought one camera, but he found lots to take pictures of, and enjoyed himself. It wasn’t Raja Ampat, but the divemaster/boat owner knows the area well and can get you to see what you want to see.

If you go, tell Taz and his wife "Hey!" from Sarah and Alan from North Carolina. We had a very nice time with them.
Gini - 5/18/2012 2:20 PM
I’ve only been to Culebra once about two years ago, but I too dove with Taz. I thought he was great. I agree completely with everything Chocolate Moose said above. If you want to get your boogie down or "dive ’til you drop", you’d probably be better off elsewhere, but if chillaxing is on your menu, Culebra’s a great place to do it.
Bob01 - 5/21/2012 2:02 PM
Thanks guys, it sound like Culebra is what I’m looking for. No cruise ships and very few high rise hotels, just a place to chill for a few days and get a few dives in.