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PVK - 5/15/2012 1:09 PM
Category: Photography
Replies: 2

I have a nikon d3000 was wondering if anybody could give me information on what housing/ports/ strobes to buy to get started in underwater photography. I,ve looked at a bunch but was seeing if anybody knows from experience &n-+++-bsp; &nb-+++-sp; &nbs-+++-p;
&nbs-+++-p;  -+++-; THANKS PAUL
Rich-D-Fish - 5/15/2012 11:01 PM
I’m no expert on that particular camera. But the first place I looked was on Ikelite’s website as they carry some of the most affordable housings for most cameras. Nothing for that model. My second choice for housings is Bluewater Photo, and again nothing for that model. I googled and found one housing made by Nimar, but never heard of them. Here is a link:

If you are just getting started my advice would be to start with a good point & shoot camera with strobe. The cost will be much less, and easier to manage underwater. I went the dslr route myself and tired of it after a year because it was just too damn big, and sold it all. I scaled down to a small Canon s95 which still has full manual controls. But there are a bunch of new ones just like it coming out every day it seems. I would recommend you see what your local dive shop sells. It will be easier to get help and tech support from them. If not, try the website for some good advice. That’s my $ .02 :-)
Gini - 5/18/2012 2:31 PM
I recommend calling Ryan at Reef Photo. He’s a genius when it comes to information about which housing, which lenses, which ports, etc. You’ll have to look their phone number up online, but they specialize in underwater photography and they really know their stuff.

For the record, I’m not affiliated with Reef in any way, I just know that they’re friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I’m sure Blue Water is also very helpful (and there are probably others). My point would be I’d recommend contacting someone who specializes in underwater photography versus a dive shop or even a large camera retailer.

Good luck!