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Socorro Islands
Ed - 3/25/2012 7:07 AM
Category: Travel
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Anybody been to the Soccoro Islands in the last couple of weeks. I headed there 4/5 and was wondering what the water temperature is so that I can bring the right gear for the trip.
badintexas - 3/26/2012 10:56 AM
I haven’t been there but I just found a website with this information. Maybe it’ll help you out even if just a little! Have a great trip!
The ocean temps at Socorro usually range from 78F-82F in November,
70F-74F in Feb/March and then 76F–80F in April and May. A lot of guests also pack a vest and hood or a vest with an
attached hood in case we run into thermoclines during the cooler months.
We are not permitted by law to dive with gloves at Socorro. It is always better to layer your
wetsuits so that you can use part or all to adjust for water temps.
Ed - 3/27/2012 11:32 AM
Thanks, I’d seen elsewhere that the water temperature was much cooler and was debating between taking my drysuit or wetsuit. I’ve been diving in Cabo in November and had 82 degree water and July with 66 degree water. The Pacific seems so unpredictable it always makes it hard to pack.
Ed - 4/04/2012 9:26 AM
Got word from the ship today that the water temperature is currently 70 - 74 degrees at Socorro.
Ed - 4/17/2012 3:41 PM
I just got back from the trip and wanted to report that water temperature varied from 68 - 71 degrees. The other thing I dind’t consider was the air temperature on the trip ... during the day the high was only 69 degrees. If you are making a trip to Socorro both of these pieces of information should come in handy.